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How to get a promotion at work….fast!

Execs with Soul is all about helping you get your dream career, by sharing the secrets to success.

Because there are proven ways to get ahead and successful people use them all the time. But these aren’t generally shared as people don’t want to see you get ahead of them! Or perhaps they don’t know they are doing them at all.

I had coffee with a very successful CEO yesterday who told me he didn’t know how he got ahead. I have worked with this great man for many years, so I shared with him what I’d seen him do. And then he started thinking about it and talked about the things he’d done. He just needed some prompting to get there.

People will get ahead – that is how companies work. And if someone is going to get ahead and get promoted, it may as well be you!!

In Execs with Soul’s How to get Promoted we cover this in a whole lot of detail.

But let me give you some tips now to get you started:

  1. Be GREAT at your CURRENT role. It goes without saying that if you’re going to get promoted you need to be more than competent at your job. People will be watching you and they will take note of how good you are. They will use this to judge how you will manage your next step. I can’t tell you the number of people who are so focused on their next roles, that they don’t deliver in their current role. They won’t get promoted and they’ll get labelled as a “non-performer”. I’ve coached many people to focus on success in the present as a set up to the future. I’ve been able to help them, as I’ve fallen into this trap myself – so I know it doesn’t work. Stay present.
  2. Know who you are and what you’re great at. I know many organisations do a lot of work on strengths and weaknesses. And some of that is useful. However, that is only part of the story. There are many other things you need to be assessing about YOURSELF to be successful. Like what do you like doing? Where do you do your best work? What industry inspires you?
  3. Focus on your strengths. Don’t waste your time working on your weaknesses, find roles that leverage your strengths and you will never look back. I promise you.
  4. Be discerning – ONLY apply, show interest, or chase the roles that are right for you. Don’t just apply for everything or ask about every promotion, as that will show that you’re unfocused and desperate. And nobody wants unfocused and desperate in their teams. It might be agony waiting (I’ve been there – IT IS AGONY!), but the right one will come along OR you will go and find the right role and then you’ll give it your best.
  5. Take advice from the RIGHT people – I see so many article and courses out there, and some are great. But lots are not! Look for people that have done this before – people that have been promoted, people that have promoted others, people that are open and honest about what works and doesn’t. Be careful of all those “advisors” that haven’t done this themselves. Some are great, but I always like to learn from those that have the battle-scars, so I don’t need to get them. You want to get ahead quickly, so don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from successful people that have done it themselves.

If you’re ready to move now, then don’t waste your time – jump into How to get promoted and get that promotion today!

Yours with Soul,


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