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Execs with Soul welcomes new study on ambitious mums

Here at Execs with Soul we’re all for mums returning to work and getting Promoted. Heck, we are mums!

I have two fabulous kids that are 10 and 7 (turning 8 in 2 days he keeps reminding me!), and they help me every day be a better person, better mum and better business woman.

One of the reasons I started Execs with Soul was to help organisations welcome the next generation of people in a different way – a better way than we’ve had it. I wanted to do that by working with organisations to be more inclusive, more progressive and just better!

I also wanted to help people be successful in organisations. Because lets face it, it’s not easily navigating your way around companies – big, medium or little AND THERE IS A PLAYBOOK – but nobody wants to share it with you, lest you get Get promoted ahead of them.

This is not a helpful attitude and one that Execs with Soul wants to change. We want to bring more soul back to organisations so we collaborate rather than compete. But more about that later.

Given I’m a working mum whose ambition was not affected at all by having kids (in fact I got Promoted even more rapidly after kids), I was not at all surprised to see that Accenture has published some research about women’s ambition after having kids  – called Getting to Equal 2017 – Motherhood and ambition.

Accenture surveyed 250 working women in the US to understand “Does motherhood diminish career ambitions”. They found that NO it doesn’t. Mums are just as ambitious as everyone else.

In fact they continue to aspire to be promoted to more senior positions even after having their children. This was certainly the case for me, my kids actually inspired me to go further for them and for me. If I was going to put all my time and effort into something outside of my family, then it better be worth it!

Interestingly, more working mums wanted to start their own businesses (53%) than women without children (35%). Perhaps this is because of the flexibility and autonomy your own business affords you, that large organisations continue to struggle with. Although I believe that flexibility is important to all – parents and non-parents.

Also very interestingly, 72% of mums want to work for organisations helping to advance woman. I am seeing this a lot right now, which is great. Now organisations need to step up and make sure they’re providing an inclusive and equal workplace and Promoting everyone equally.

I am glad to see this study as I spent many years in Corporate Australia reminding people that just because someone was on maternity leave, it didn’t mean they should be ignored.

They had done great work before their children and would continue to do great work after their children when they came back to work. So even on maternity leave they deserved proper performance reviews, pay rises and talent assessments. Unfortunately, I still see all too often, women missing out on these basic things because they’re simply not in the workplace. Out of sight out of mind.

I know it can be a challenge returning back to work (I’ve done it twice and have helped countless mums in that position) and we sometimes lack the confidence to ask for what we want or shrink away because of our “other” job. I would say to you, you’re just as great as you were before your children, so remember that. Have the confidence to ask for that promotion, go after that great project. Kids take many things from you, but not your capabilities! Keep focused and if you’re needing help, go and find it.

To those managers out there, support your women in returning from work and wanting to continue to build their careers.

To all you working mums out there – keep doing the great things you’re doing and find the tips to get ahead fast. Execs with Soul totally supports and salutes you!

And to those great working women and men who don’t have children, we salute you too – keep up the great work.

If you’re looking for any extra support, check out coaching and mentoring options or our online course how to get promoted that you can do from the comfort of your own home whilst the kids are in bed. Pretty much the time I get all my best work done!!

Yours with Soul,


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