Can we really promote new habits? - Execs With Soul
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Can we really promote new habits?

I have been lucky enough to be Promoted over and over in my career. In doing so I’ve had different challenges, worked with different people and had many different leaders. Each time, it’s required me to learn something new. And usually that leads to new habits.

But as we all know – both inside and outside of work, new habits are hard to form and even harder to stick. Diet, Exercise, No Alcohol, working shorter hours….anyone? And how many of those have I really stuck with over the years…..??? Hmm, not as many as I’d like! I’m sure you’re all nodding your head as you’re reading this.

So I was particularly pleased to come across this article on Medium. I’m a big fan of the platform and an even bigger fan of the Mission. Combine the Mission, Medium and Stanford and you’ve got a winner!

Of course I wanted to share this with you all, because here Execs with Soul we’re showing you everything we’ve done over our careers to be successful – and there are many of these below.

I particularly love the tip about starting something new off the back of something that you’re pretty good at. I’ll share with you, that I’m a huge fan of tea and anyone that knows me will tell you they regularly see me with a tea cup in my hand. But understanding the impact of that much caffeine (yes its even in tea!), I swapped to herbal tea for every second cup and then added a glass of water whilst I was making it. That habit stuck, as I was already in the habit of making tea – I just changed it up. And I feel much better for it and I’m even sleeping better.

So if you’re wanting to change or create a new habit, then check out this article.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Feel free to share your experiences below so others can benefit from what you’ve learnt.

Yours with soul,


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