About - Execs With Soul
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About Execs with Soul


Execs with Soul was started by an Exec who stepped out of the corporate world realising she’d lost her soul. On the journey to find it, she looked around and realised most of the people around her were the same. When she looked at the organisations around her, she realised they suffered from the same loss. So, once she found her soul, she realised she could help others do the same.



“Would people want that?” she asked herself. So, she asked them. And many, many, many people simply  said – “YES”



So, she gathered some souls around her and they started finding ways of bringing soul back. Some you’ll know and some are new. Some haven’t even been thought of yet, and that is the fun part!



Our philosophy is “helping people help themselves” and we hold nothing back in helping you get your dream career. We cut through the rubbish and show you how to find your dream job, outshine for your talents, and deal with soul sucking politics. We will help you achieve outstanding success, by just being you. Sounds easy, right…..????



And much, much more…..



We want to bring the soul back into organisations. We believe organisations can have soul and be successful and we can show you how. If you’re willing to take the journey, we have years of experience to help you be Successful with Soul.