Execs with Soul I Do you want to be successful with soul?
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Are you ready to be more successful than you EVER thought possible?


We don’t believe you need to sell your soul to be successful. We know you can be wildly successful on the outside AND the inside and we’ll show you how.


Our unique approach combines traditional techniques of coaching, training and strategy combined with new approaches to purpose, strengths and energy to set you up for greater success than you thought possible.


BE FREE to be yourself and LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE

You will be more successful than you thought possible AND you will LOVE it because you’ll be YOU!




“Moving into a lead role was a daunting experience as there was so much I had to learn. Danielle worked with me every step of the way, so I was never alone. She was patient, kept it simple and never made me feel intimidated. She helped me understand all the Executive processes and language, so I could be successful and still be myself. I have achieved fantastic outcomes due to the leadership support and coaching Dan has given me over the last year and just had my contract extended for 3 more years!  

– Michelle, Sydney

Stand out for the right reasons


Success does not come by working harder, being trapped and feeling judged. It comes by being clever, knowing what you’re good at and WHY you’re passionate about it.


At Execs with Soul we’ll help build your success by focusing on the RIGHT things.


We spend too much time trying to be someone else, when our success is simply about being ourselves. BUT It’s actually the hardest thing to do


I achieved success at an early age – often the youngest and sometimes the only woman in the leadership teams.


But it came at a cost


I  built my career quickly and did incredible things, with incredible people. I pushed boundaries and created the impossible. But one day I looked around and realised I was trapped. I was too busy trying to be like everyone else, I had lost myself.


I was very successful, yet I was burnt out, hollow, empty. I had given my all and had nothing left. I didn’t know who I was or why I felt this way. I felt insignificant, inadequate and judged. I didn’t know it, but I had lost my soul.


So I found and freed my soul and I’m now more successful than ever! I started Execs with Soul help other people AND companies do the same. If you’re ready to walk a smarter path, then come and join me.



Founder of Execs with Soul

Missed out on that promotion you’ve been dreaming about?

We hear you and we’ve been there. Join us to learn the tips we’ve been using for years to get promoted rapidly.

Scared to be successful with soul?

We know it takes COURAGE to be successful with soul. An action focused program to build your capability in being courageous.  Like a muscle the more you use it the more it builds. You’ll be achieving incredible things in no time.

Want to share the soul?

We share our tips in person as well as online, so if you want us to come and speak at your next event, just ask!!

We’ll happily come along and share our tips in person – either speaking or running workshops.